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If Apple Releases An Apple Ipad Computer, What Might The Specs Be?

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Will there be an Apple ipad computer? Legions of tech savvy consumers are waiting to find out if Apple will really be releasing an Apple iPad computer of sorts in September.  If so, what will the specifications be?  No one knows exactly. There is a lot of talk about what features there will or won’t be.  Here is a list of some of the features we might find on their ipad tablet:

  • Larger Size – It is estimated that their ipad will be anywhere from 6” to 10” large compared to their iPhone which is 3.5”.  Obviously this would make watching videos or movies a lot better in addition to making reading easier as well.    Nokia’s N810 ipad has a 4.13″ WVGA color display, so they would even be a couple inches larger than what’s currently on the market.
  • Menu Appearance Change – Many think the menu might look different.    There’s speculation that it will either look like a pin-wheel of menu option or a menu of free floating objects.  Most agree the navigation system will be more advanced than what’s currently available.
  • Touch screen – It will still have a similar touch screen technology.  There will not be a separate keyboard.  The keyboard will be on screen like the iPod Touch and iPhones currently on the market.
  • Multi-Media Access – You’ll have full internet access.  You’ll be able to download songs, movies and e-books as it is rumored to have the Kindle application, in addition to surfing the net and emailing.  Many speculators believe they might offer a 3G network for better support through a carrier such as Verizon, but that has yet to be confirmed like most things having to do with their ipad.
  • Possible Dialing Capabilities – If a carrier such as Verizon were to step in and offer support via their 3G network, it’s possible a dialing feature will be available.  However, most people won’t want to hold a 10” screen up to their ear, so use of a Bluetooth headset might come in handy here.

The essence of their internet tablet would be to tap into the “netbook” market and become a formidable competitor in that niche.  It is estimated that the launching price will be around $699 or more to start, but if there is a carrier involved like Verizon there might be discounts offered with contracts which would be a great incentive for consumers.  We’ll have to wait and see what develops to end all the speculation with facts.

Of course, all of this is based on industry chatter as nothing has been officially released by Apple saying they are releasing such a product in September as of today’s date.


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