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What Is An iPad Computer?

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

An ipad computer is an internet tablet.  Often times they are referred to as smaller versions of netbooks since you get internet access along with a vast array of PC functions on a smaller scale.  Generally, internet tablets have no keyboards and are small enough to fit into one’s pocket.  Huge convenience in a little package!

Currently there is much speculation on what will transpire when the release of Apple’s internet tablet – or whatever they are going to call it – happens.  Some say this multi-media giant will crush such competition like the Kindle with its large touch screen, multi media functions and applications – including a Kindle app.

Very little precise information is known about the product – including the name.  Its release is being kept very hush-hush.  In fact, much of what is said is purely based on speculation, rumors and media leaks that have slipped out.  While several of the theories vary, they don’t vary by much.  For instance, some suggest the touch screen will be 6 inches while others suggest it’s going to be as large as 10 inches.  Some individuals project it will cost $600 or so and others suggest it will be priced at upwards of $800.

One thing most agree on is that it will give many other products such as the Kindle, many net books and other ipads currently on the market, a run for their money.  It is believed that Apple is creating something that will be capable of everything an iPod touch is, only on a larger scale, yet still conveniently small enough that it doesn’t feel as bulky as a laptop does at times.  Like the iPhone, supposedly their ipad will be able to play movies, and music.  Interestingly enough, there are talks that it will have the Kindle application, so it will be able to tap into the “e-readers” market as well.

It’s easy to see what all the buzz is about.  You wouldn’t need your laptop anymore as it will have internet capabilities with a touch screen keyboard – in several languages no less.  You could store and play all the music, movies and books you purchase.  It would basically be a traveling mini-computer of its own.  Let’s see if this becomes the newest device we can’t live without.


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