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We Need a Child’s Version of the iPad 3

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

We need a child’s version of the iPad 3. Just think of how convenient it would be if Apple created one in the near future. Children are introduced to technology at an early age. There are times when parents need a distraction to stop the child from crying in a doctor’s office or they may be bored on a long trip and the device makes them happy for a while. There are also many educational tools and apps that you can find for the iPad.

The problem is, once a child has experienced the wonderful world of technology, they want more. IPads are expensive and kids have a way of pushing the wrong button, deleting apps that you want to keep and then there are the sticky fingerprints they always seem to leave behind.

You also run the risk of having the device damaged when the child drops it, scratches the screen or when they decide to sling it across the room for no apparent reason. If they had an iPad designed just for kids, it could save a lot of headaches and fusses for everyone.

Why Creating a Child’s Version of the iPad 3 is a Good Idea

Let’s face it, everyone may say that they won’t let their young child play with their expensive electronic gadgets, but in the end, it usually happens for one reason or another. Kids are drawn to these electronics. Maybe it’s because they see mom and dad playing with them so much or maybe it’s sheer curiosity but they are greatly attracted to them and a lot of crying goes along with telling them no.

So, why not invent a child’s version of the iPad 3? If they had their own, all of this stress and aggravation could be turned into a learning experience. After all, there are all types of apps designed just for kids. These include educational apps, children’s books, games, Nursery Rhymes and more. They could learn to say their ABC’s, count to 10 or learn about the different animals from their iPad while you peaceful enjoy using yours. In short, it would be an excellent learning tool.

Kids learn fast and this introduces them to this form of technology at an early age. Before long, iPads may be the main way that college students and even high school students view textbooks. This would give them a head start into the world of technology while keeping them happy in the process.

Features the Child’s Version of the iPad 3 Should and Should Not Have

A child’s version would certainly have different features than the adult version. For starters, it should be a scaled down version. It wouldn’t need all the features that the adult iPad 3 has such as maps, calendar, contacts, emails, messaging and reminders to name a few. Young children don’t have an interest in these things. Eliminating some of the features kids don’t need could also bring the price down considerably.

Getting rid of the things a child couldn’t use, leaves room to add features they could benefit from. The child’s version of the iPad 3 should have lockout features so kids can’t delete apps and other features that are needed. This would also prevent them from going into the “Settings” screen and other functions they don’t need to access.

The keyboard could be a little larger to make it more compatible with little fingers. They could also make it easier to access the features kids do use like the camera, photos, YouTube and apps designed especially for kids. A kid-friendly app store would be a nice touch, too.

It should be made more durable, shock resistant and it should have a non-scratch screen or at least a good cover to protect it. Creating a child’s version of the iPad 3 is just plain smart and something that we will probably see one day in the near future.


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