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Breakdown of the Different Sized Tablets

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Nokia 770-2

Tablets are designed with three main screen sizes, which are the 5-inch, the 7-inch and the 10-inch screen. When you first think about screen size, the numbers can be a little deceiving. Normally, you wouldn’t think of just two or three inches making that much difference but when it comes to tablets, it’s a huge difference.

This has a lot to do with the fact that screens are measured diagonally from corner to corner. Just one inch is very noticeable and can mean the difference between enjoying your device and wishing you had chosen a different size. Each size has both its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what these are will make it easier for you to determine which size is best suited for your needs.

The 5-inch Sized Tablet

The 5-inch sized tablet screens are best suited for those who need a pocket-sized device. It is by far the most portable and lightweight. All Smartphone apps look great on this size screen because they are so similar in size.

The disadvantages of the 5-inch screen centers around the fact that they don’t offer much more than what you would get with a good quality Smartphone when searching the web or using e-mail and similar features.

The 7-inch Sized Tablet

The 7-inch sized tablet screens have many advantages. They’re small, lightweight and easy to carry around in a backpack, briefcase or large handbag. They may even fit in some jacket pockets. The size is great for running Smartphone apps because they appear large enough to view without straining but they are not distorted in anyway. They fit in your hands perfectly and they’re a great size for reading eBooks.

The disadvantages require having to resize WebPages, email and other documents for better viewing. They’re too large to fit in your pocket so they’re not as portable as the 5-inch tablets. The keyboard is also rather small and may be a little difficult for some users.

The 10-inch Sized Tablet

Many consumers love the tablets with the 10-inch sized screens. It’s still small enough to be convenient but large enough to make it easier to use. The advantages to this size include making e-books, digital magazines and WebPages look more natural so they are easier to view. You won’t have to resize or zoom in like you do with the smaller sizes.

It makes creating and reading documents easier and maps are more detailed. Videos and photos are easier to share and it makes playing games much more exciting. The keypad is large enough that it’s easy to use even for someone who is not familiar with tablets.

The disadvantage of the 10-inch tablet is that when you use apps that were originally created for the Smartphone, they can look a little weird and distorted. The larger size also takes away from the portability factor.

Deciding what you plan to use the device for will help you choose the right sized tablet for your needs. If you’ll be carrying the tablet around with you everywhere you go, then you need the most portable device. Therefore, the 5-inch tablet may be the best choice for you.

If you plan to use the tablet to relax around home and occasionally when you travel to check email, do research or read eBooks, consider the 10-inch size screen. When you need something in-between that you can easily carry with you but that works great for reading eBooks, the 7-inch sized tablet is a great choice.


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