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Tablet Portability Confers Benefits

Thursday, June 20th, 2013
ipad is my TV now

Using an ipad like a TV.

Tablets are becoming more important to consumers even if they have laptops or desktops at home too. When you’re on the road, a tablet takes less space and weighs less than any laptop you could carry. Tuck it into your handbag, briefcase, or backpack and your shoulders will thank you for deciding to carry your iPad or your Surface or your Playbook or Xoom instead of the 10-lb. laptop.

And don’t forget that summer’s here, which means thunderstorms — and power outages. And we hate losing connection. The internet is our eyes on the world. Some of us will have to head out to Starbucks to use their wi-fi, which means you’d better have a portable computer: a laptop or tablet. Some others of us will just whip out our iPhones and turn on the mobile hotspot utility. But you often can’t connect a big desktop computer to the internet with a mobile hotspot. Hotspot devices — whether it’s your smartphone, or a purchased one from a phone provider like VerizonWireless or Sprint — are really meant to work with smaller, portable computers and tablets.

Pad computing is becoming a necessary part of internet use, and in fact any work you do on computer. Pad computers keep us from being disconnected.

The fact that the computer now serves the functions of TV, your daily newspaper, bookstore and movie theatre and has endangered those industries makes the easily-carried pad computer far more valuable. It’s worth remembering that:

Since 2008 city newspapers have been closing down by the hundreds because so many people read their news online. Cable providers are finding serious competition with internet TV offerings whether free on a website or a pay service like Netflix or iTunes; and book sales and publishing are reshaping themselves efficiently in the ebook market, bypassing the brick-and-mortar stores; and while physical theaters will always sell tickets, viewers love to own and watch movies again and again. (One answer to that difficulty is to carry a bunch of DVDs along with a laptop that has an optical drive; but how much more convenient, to use services that will call up a library of movies and shows.)

And the tablet in your hand helps answer the costs of all the above.


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