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Thursday July 9th 2020

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Is the New iPad Worth an Upgrade?


When Apple came out with the new iPad, people everywhere were scrambling to get the latest and greatest. Most of those folks now own their new iPads, and either love or hate their purchase. The other generation of iPad buyers, the careful buyers, are now weighing the options of whether or not the new iPad really is worth the upgrade. In other words, if they already own a previous iteration of the iPad, do they really need to move to the new iPad? Would it be worth the expense?

The obvious upgrade choice

First let it be said that those that own the first iPad or those that have no iPad at all should definitely run out and buy this awesome product. The new iPad is light years ahead of the original in most circles and it is clearly a product that anybody would love as a first iPad.

This is a product that becomes more important to people once they purchase it.

Many products lose value when they are bought, but the iPad becomes more necessary the moment you purchase it. You find new ways to make your life better with it every single day it seems. New buyers should not hesitate to give it a try. It is worth every penny.

As for iPad original owners, an upgrade to the new one is surely significant enough to make the move. The original iPad is not even close to the speed, power, features and abilities of the new iPad. It is an easy upgrade choice in virtually every single way.

What about upgrading from the iPad 2?

This is where it gets a bit more difficult to say. Some people think the iPad 2 is nearly as good as the new one in all the important ways. It really boils down to what they use the most, however. There are some improvements from the second iPad to the third for sure.

You are not going to spend a ton of money. Though the price is very close or the same to the original iPad, you have plenty of markets in which to sell that old iPad 2. By the time you do, you will only be paying a fraction of that cost.

Finally, you have to consider how you use your iPad the most. Do you read on your iPad very often? If you use the iPad as a reader, then the upgrade is a no-brainer. The retina display is off the chain and it is as good as everybody says it is.

Games also are another fine reason to upgrade from the iPad 2 to the new iPad. With the increase in resolution and pixels, the screen literally looks as though you are right in the middle of the action. In comparison to the other iPads it seems like you are in a theater.

If you simply use your iPad for business, you likely don’t need the upgrade. Some would argue that the speed and so on makes it worth it for them, but I don’t see a huge difference in that area. It is one of those things where it should be faster but for some reason it is not. I suppose that could simply be my network, but it is marginal at best. It is certainly not worth all that money as a stand-alone reason in my view.

Another upgrade is the camera, but again, that is not enough on its own. Do you really take tons of pictures with your iPad? Most people do not, but if you do then it is a huge improvement. It still is not as good as most digital cameras, but it is better than your phone is going to take in most cases.

Final analysis

If you do not have an iPad, the new iPad is a simple purchase to justify. You will use it and use it often. If you have the original iPad, the jump is massive and the upgrade makes sense. If you own the iPad 2, then you need to look at how you use it and make that decision. In many ways they are still very similar, so make sure you are going to use those upgrades that are there before plunking down the cash.

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Breakdown of the Different Sized Tablets

Nokia 770-2

Tablets are designed with three main screen sizes, which are the 5-inch, the 7-inch and the 10-inch screen. When you first think about screen size, the numbers can be a little deceiving. Normally, you wouldn’t think of just two or three inches making that much difference but when it comes to tablets, it’s a huge difference.

This has a lot to do with the fact that screens are measured diagonally from corner to corner. Just one inch is very noticeable and can mean the difference between enjoying your device and wishing you had chosen a different size. Each size has both its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what these are will make it easier for you to determine which size is best suited for your needs.

The 5-inch Sized Tablet

The 5-inch sized tablet screens are best suited for those who need a pocket-sized device. It is by far the most portable and lightweight. All Smartphone apps look great on this size screen because they are so similar in size.

The disadvantages of the 5-inch screen centers around the fact that they don’t offer much more than what you would get with a good quality Smartphone when searching the web or using e-mail and similar features.

The 7-inch Sized Tablet

The 7-inch sized tablet screens have many advantages. They’re small, lightweight and easy to carry around in a backpack, briefcase or large handbag. They may even fit in some jacket pockets. The size is great for running Smartphone apps because they appear large enough to view without straining but they are not distorted in anyway. They fit in your hands perfectly and they’re a great size for reading eBooks.

The disadvantages require having to resize WebPages, email and other documents for better viewing. They’re too large to fit in your pocket so they’re not as portable as the 5-inch tablets. The keyboard is also rather small and may be a little difficult for some users.

The 10-inch Sized Tablet

Many consumers love the tablets with the 10-inch sized screens. It’s still small enough to be convenient but large enough to make it easier to use. The advantages to this size include making e-books, digital magazines and WebPages look more natural so they are easier to view. You won’t have to resize or zoom in like you do with the smaller sizes.

It makes creating and reading documents easier and maps are more detailed. Videos and photos are easier to share and it makes playing games much more exciting. The keypad is large enough that it’s easy to use even for someone who is not familiar with tablets.

The disadvantage of the 10-inch tablet is that when you use apps that were originally created for the Smartphone, they can look a little weird and distorted. The larger size also takes away from the portability factor.

Deciding what you plan to use the device for will help you choose the right sized tablet for your needs. If you’ll be carrying the tablet around with you everywhere you go, then you need the most portable device. Therefore, the 5-inch tablet may be the best choice for you.

If you plan to use the tablet to relax around home and occasionally when you travel to check email, do research or read eBooks, consider the 10-inch size screen. When you need something in-between that you can easily carry with you but that works great for reading eBooks, the 7-inch sized tablet is a great choice.

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The New iPad 3 Review

Here is our Apple iPad 3 review with features, specifications and prices
The time has finally come and now the iPad 3- officially called the “new iPad”- is available but good luck finding one in your local stores if you didn’t preorder it. As usual, the newest model of the iPad is a hot ticket item and authorized stores have limited supplies that are selling out quickly.

If you’re still making the decision of whether or not to purchase one for yourself, here are some specs, features and a generalized review of the new iPad to help you form your own decision. Although the new iPad comes with a whole slew of new features and an outstanding operating system to boot, it is not as complex as you may think. It has actually been designed to be the easiest of them all to use and operate.

Let’s take a look at what it’s going to cost you and what you will get if you decide to spring for the new iPad (iPad 3).

New iPad 3 Prices

One of the first questions on the minds of many is what will it cost. Especially in this economy today, people want to know how much they’re going to have to pay for the next and latest gadget or gizmo. Many diehard Apple fans have already pre-ordered the new iPad but either way, the pricing is the same. Another good thing about the iPad is that there are different prices available to choose from so you can get the best one for your budget. Just be sure you look at and understand what you’re getting for the price so there are no surprises later if you discover your iPad doesn’t do what you thought it did.

Both black & white models will be available, as usual:

New iPad with Wi-Fi Prices

  • 16GB Wi-Fi – $499
  • 32GB Wi-Fi – $599
  • 64GB Wi-Fi – $699

New iPad with 4G LTE Prices

  • 16GB 4G LTE – $629
  • 32GB 4G LTE – $729
  • 64GB 4G LTE – $829

Officially, the new iPad is called “iPad” and referred to as the “3rd generation” model, but many people are still calling it the iPad 3. Who knows really why Apple decided to change the name for this version but it doesn’t really matter what you call it; it’s awesome.

After the official release statements, we learned that much of what was anticipated in the new iPad, Apple delivered on. They don’t like to disappoint customers and they are a company built on making things look good as well as work well.

So let’s take a look at what you get when you order your new iPad and also at the features and specs that you will find with this device. You want to know just what you’re getting before you get ready to shell out all that cash, right?

What Comes in the Box?

  • iPad
  • Dock Connector to USB Cable
  • 10W USB Power Adapter
  • Documentation

iPad 3 Features and Specs

Here is what we know about the next iPad:

  • Retina display, with a resolution of 2048×1536, 3.1 million pixels at 264ppi
  • A5X Processor, quad-core graphics
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 5 megapixel iSight camera
  • 1080p video recording
  • Voice dictation, similar to Siri without the questions
  • 3G & 4G LTE connectivity
  • 10 hour battery life, 9 hour battery on 4G
  • 9.4mm thick, weighs 1.4lbs
  • Pre-orders start TODAY, available on March 16
  • iOS 5.1

iPad 3 News and Questions Answered

Since the new iPad is out and the information of its release was announced on March 7th, there have been a lot of questions and also a lot of news floating around. Here are some highlights:

Design and Look: It looks just like the iPad 2. We mean, it’s identical except for an extra 0.6mm thickness (up to 9.4mm) and around 50g of weight (650g for Wi-Fi only, 662g for the 4G model). Basically, it’s slightly thicker. Not so much so that it’s going to make a big difference and your own iPad 2 cases might fit but don’t count on it 100%.

Retina Display and Resolution: The iPad 2 was beautiful but if you looked really closely, you could still see jagged edges. The new iPad is stunningly beautiful with the Retina display and a higher resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 that will give you eye-popping perfection every time.

What is the difference between iPad with Wi-Fi and iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G?

Apple explains:

“iPad with Wi-Fi is ideal if you have a wireless high-speed Internet router in your home, or if you’ll be using your iPad near a wireless hotspot — in a coffee shop or school library, for example.

iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G includes Wi-Fi connectivity as well as 4G connectivity. 4G uses cellular signals — the same signals your cell phone uses — to connect to the Internet. Choose an iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G if you’ll be spending time in places without Wi-Fi hotspots, such as outdoors or on your morning commute. You can choose an iPad that is configured to work with either AT&T or Verizon — not both. So while you don’t have to activate 4G service right away, you should choose your iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G according to the carrier you prefer.

More FAQs from Apple

There are some commonly asked questions that

Can I use iPad when traveling internationally?

Many Wi-Fi networks internationally can be used free of charge, and some require a fee. To join a Wi-Fi network at a hotspot where charges apply, in most cases you can open Safari to see a web page that allows you to sign up for service.

iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G is designed with next-generation wireless technology that offers the most comprehensive support for fast data networks all over the world — up to 4G LTE. That means you can get online almost anywhere in the world — whether you’re on AT&T or Verizon. You can even pop in a local SIM card to get a connection when you’re traveling.

For iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G, always contact your current carrier before you travel to another country.

Does the iPad include a warranty?

iPad comes with 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support. In addition, your iPad, its rechargeable battery, and all included accessories are covered against defects for a full year from the purchase date by a limited hardware warranty.

Can I extend the iPad warranty?

AppleCare+ for iPad extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPad and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a $49 service fee. With AppleCare+ for iPad, Apple experts can help troubleshoot issues over the phone or at an Apple Retail Store. They’ll answer questions about iOS, Apple iPad apps such as Mail, iMessage, and Calendar, and help you solve interconnectivity issues between your iPad and Mac or PC. And if your iPad needs service under the plan, Apple technical support representatives can even set up a repair during the same call. AppleCare+ for iPad is just $99.2

Can I return my iPad if I change my mind?

If you are not fully satisfied with your iPad purchase, you can return your undamaged iPad within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. Learn more about Apple Retail Store purchase policies.

So will you be purchasing the new iPad or are you going to opt for an iPad 2 now that the price has come down with the release of the new iPad? Either way you go, it’s a winning choice.

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Apple iPad 3 Rumors

As with any highly anticipated gadget, many rumors concerning the iPad 3 have begun to surface with the release date of this gadget closing in. The rumored release date is set for some time in March 2012 and everyone is hoping that one is true. Some of the rumors floating around are a little hard to believe while others just make us want the product more.

Here are some of the most circulated rumors going around about the iPad 3:

  • Operating System– The current operating system for all of apple products is pretty good as is but that doesn’t stop consumers from wanting newer and better ones. It’s rumored that the iPad 3 will have the iOS 5 system. Currently the iOS 5 is still in the beta testing phase so this may be a little harder to achieve by the release of the iPad 3 but Apple has surprised us with far bigger accomplishments.
  • Storage– Apple iPad 2 has 16/32/64 gigs but the next one may surpass that. It’s believed that Apple’s new gadget will also have an option for double the maximum memory we currently have at a whopping 128g storage capacity. There’s also a rumor going around that this device will have a quad-core processor, which would truly be amazing.
  • Name– This is a minor detail that few users will care about once the product has actually been released but for now, many speculate that the iPad 3 will actually be called the iPad 2s. Will the iPads follow the lead of the iPhone’s naming process?
  • Display– Since everyone had their hopes up and expected an amazing display with the iPad 2 but then didn’t get it, it’s believed that the iPad 3 will have the much-awaited Retina Display. As of now, you can only find this type of display in the iPhone 4 and 4s. Retina display is commonly referred to as the “double resolution” because the text and images appear so sharp and clear. However, rumors also have it that installing this display has many challenges, leading us to believe it might not happen again.
  • Battery Life – It’s believed that the battery in the new iPad 3 will be better than the one in the iPad 2, which was very good. The battery life is expected to average 10 hours.
  • 4G- Many believe that the iPad 3 will have 4G technology. This is amazing news but it’s hard to say if it’s true or not. When you take into consideration the current versions of the iPhone, you know that this type of technology is possible. Therefore, having an iPad 3 4G could in fact be a real possibility.
  • Port– By looking at the new Mac books, there is an educated guess that the iPad will have the acclaimed Thunderbolt port that works much faster than traditional ports.
  • Camera and LCD Light– It’s believed that the newest iPad will have a LCD light to accompany the (also rumored) better camera. This will help you shoot pictures in any light just like you can with your iPhone 4 or 4s.
  • Appearance– All of these new features has to be packed in somehow so it’s believed that the new iPad will be a little thicker to make room for all of the extras.

All of the rumors going around make the anticipation of this device even more exciting. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we find out for sure what the iPad 3 looks like, especially if the rumor about it releasing in March is true.

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iPad 3 Leaked Photos Reveal Wanted Features

With the release of the new iPad 3 expected to happen in the next couple of weeks on March 7, 2012, leaked photos have started popping up. There are three of them, to be exact. These photos revealed some of the wanted features that fans of this greatly anticipated device have been hoping for. They give us a hint of what to expect in the design of the new iPad without telling us for sure. Here are what the three leaked photos showed.

A5X Dual-Core Processor

One of the leaked photos hints at what type of processor the device will have. This photo was on a Chinese website and it was a picture of an open device that exposed a dual-core A5X processor. This hints to the consumer that this is the processor used in the new iPad. In one way, this is good news because it is a step up from the A5 dual-core processor used in the second-generation iPad.

However, it’s not the A6 quad-core processor that many iPad fans were hoping for. For this reason, many people may be a little disappointed right now. Still, it’s important to remember that these are just photos that suggest the alleged features the new iPad 3 will have. You should also take into account that what you see in a photo can sometimes be a little deceiving, especially when you’re dealing with Apple.

There’s a possibility that this was just a substitute prototype created by Apple and it may not be the one they used. Apple’s well known for making several prototypes before deciding which one of them would be the best to use when all the specifications are final. There’s no way to know for sure until the device goes on sale, unless Apple offers up this information before then.

High-resolution 9.7-inch display

Another leaked photo on this Chinese blog shows a glimpse of what some think is the iPad 3 display being packaged and prepared to ship. This one indicates that this device might have the much-anticipated high-resolution 9.7-inch retina display.

However, it also shows a duel LED display so this makes it difficult to say for sure which display is being used. It’s reported that Samsung’s manufacturer, Radiant Opto-Electronics is the supplier which may be another clue.

8-Megapixed Rear Camera and Battery

A side-by-side view in which the iPad 3 was compared to the first and second-generation iPads was the first photo to surface on a Chinese blog. In the photo you can see that there is a big difference in the perimeter of the “rear-facing” camera. This leaves us to believe that Apple was making room for the 8-megapixel camera.

The photo also showed that the new design looks very much like the design of the iPad 2 except that it has a beveled edge. Viewers speculate that the beveled edge was needed to make room for a larger battery, which seems to confirm one of the rumors that has been floating around as of late.

If this is true, users can expect to have even longer battery life than what the iPad 2 provides. This means that the battery life of the iPad 3 can provide more than 10 hours of use. There’s going to be a lot of happy consumers out there in a couple weeks if that assumption ends up being true.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to wait for the day when the iPad 3 is released so we can see find out first hand exactly what features it has.

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We Need a Child’s Version of the iPad 3

We need a child’s version of the iPad 3. Just think of how convenient it would be if Apple created one in the near future. Children are introduced to technology at an early age. There are times when parents need a distraction to stop the child from crying in a doctor’s office or they may be bored on a long trip and the device makes them happy for a while. There are also many educational tools and apps that you can find for the iPad.

The problem is, once a child has experienced the wonderful world of technology, they want more. IPads are expensive and kids have a way of pushing the wrong button, deleting apps that you want to keep and then there are the sticky fingerprints they always seem to leave behind.

You also run the risk of having the device damaged when the child drops it, scratches the screen or when they decide to sling it across the room for no apparent reason. If they had an iPad designed just for kids, it could save a lot of headaches and fusses for everyone.

Why Creating a Child’s Version of the iPad 3 is a Good Idea

Let’s face it, everyone may say that they won’t let their young child play with their expensive electronic gadgets, but in the end, it usually happens for one reason or another. Kids are drawn to these electronics. Maybe it’s because they see mom and dad playing with them so much or maybe it’s sheer curiosity but they are greatly attracted to them and a lot of crying goes along with telling them no.

So, why not invent a child’s version of the iPad 3? If they had their own, all of this stress and aggravation could be turned into a learning experience. After all, there are all types of apps designed just for kids. These include educational apps, children’s books, games, Nursery Rhymes and more. They could learn to say their ABC’s, count to 10 or learn about the different animals from their iPad while you peaceful enjoy using yours. In short, it would be an excellent learning tool.

Kids learn fast and this introduces them to this form of technology at an early age. Before long, iPads may be the main way that college students and even high school students view textbooks. This would give them a head start into the world of technology while keeping them happy in the process.

Features the Child’s Version of the iPad 3 Should and Should Not Have

A child’s version would certainly have different features than the adult version. For starters, it should be a scaled down version. It wouldn’t need all the features that the adult iPad 3 has such as maps, calendar, contacts, emails, messaging and reminders to name a few. Young children don’t have an interest in these things. Eliminating some of the features kids don’t need could also bring the price down considerably.

Getting rid of the things a child couldn’t use, leaves room to add features they could benefit from. The child’s version of the iPad 3 should have lockout features so kids can’t delete apps and other features that are needed. This would also prevent them from going into the “Settings” screen and other functions they don’t need to access.

The keyboard could be a little larger to make it more compatible with little fingers. They could also make it easier to access the features kids do use like the camera, photos, YouTube and apps designed especially for kids. A kid-friendly app store would be a nice touch, too.

It should be made more durable, shock resistant and it should have a non-scratch screen or at least a good cover to protect it. Creating a child’s version of the iPad 3 is just plain smart and something that we will probably see one day in the near future.

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iPad 3 Textbook Apps for College Students

Word has it that Apple plans to use its iBooks store Apps to help revolutionize the textbook industry. This is exciting news for college students who’ve been dreaming of the day when they no longer have to carry heavy, outdated textbooks around campus.

Apple plans to make an announcement in New Your City on Thursday that may bring the textbook industry into the digital world. They have been waiting for this revolution for a long time and it’s exciting to think that it may finally happen.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the publishing industry has tried to digitize textbooks and other educational material but it may be the first time the attempt became a huge success. The other attempts didn’t go over too well because college students need flexibility and eReaders like Kindle had too many limitations. These are good for other types of literature but they don’t work so well for college students.

With all the technology available, it seems like the textbook industry has been left behind in the times. College students still pay amazing high fees for textbooks that are old and worn. If Apple has succeeded in making it possible to access textbooks using the iBooks Apps, this will change the textbook industry forever. They will finally be a part of modern technology. It will also open up new doors for all types of literature.

How College Students Will Benefit

Having the option of using the iPad 3 textbook apps would bring many benefits for college students. It would make things so much more convenient for them. If the iPad 3 textbook apps became a reality, students could exchange these heavy books for a modern, lightweight iPad.

Textbooks offered by iBooks would give students an interesting and fun way to learn. They’ll no longer need to use books that have been passed around year after year. Instead, they will have their own, private book with interactive images and 3D graphics. Simply sliding a finger along the thumbnail images with allow students to flip through the pages and one tap will allow them to find the definition of any word.

On top of convenience, it would also save students money and give them the ability to buy directly from textbook publishers using the iBooks app. They would no longer have to pay high prices for old textbooks they wouldn’t be using to begin with if they had an alternative.

What Will the Future Hold for College Students?

If Apple makes this possible, thousands of college students will be making the switch as soon as possible but there will be many who still use the physical copies. It will take time before it becomes the main way for college students to work but it will definitely be a step in the right direction. Eventually, you may see Apple’s iPad in every college. Physical textbooks could grow to be a strange sight.

Apple may also be planning to combine the textbooks with material offered by iTunes U and Apple’s education portal. These provide the materials that allow universities and schools to use Apple’s free software to distribute audiobooks, lesson plans and films for labs. This would increase the usage and make this technology even more convenient.

If Apple makes iPad 3 textbook apps available for students and it truly gives them the flexibility they need, it will most likely be the best decision Apple has made in a long time. It will greatly raise sells as the number of students using them increases, which is good news for iBooks stores. It’s something that will benefit Apple, the textbook industry and college students.

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What Will the New Apple TV Have?

The new Apple TV is expected to be available on the market in April or May this year and it’s sure to be a big hit. Consumers are very familiar with Apple technology with computers, iPhones and iPads being among the most popular items sold on the market today. Knowing that this company goes all out to make the most incredible and advanced devices around, consumers are curious as to what features this new TV will have.

Creating a TV that stands out in this advanced technical age is a huge step for the company and it’s one that they are taking their time doing. They want to ensure they get it right the first time. Consumers don’t mind upgrading a computer or replacing their cell phone and other devices every year or so but a TV is not something that most people are willing to replace very often. Therefore, we can expect Apple’s TV to have everything it needs to keep you happy for many years to come along with some amazing features that will capture the attention of every consumer.


The design of the new Apple TV will most likely be very thin and sleek, just like their other devices. Sources suggest that the largest size will top out at 42-inches with smaller sizes available. If this information is true, it will be the largest OLED based HDTV available for consumers. The OLED panels will surely make this TV stand out from all the rest, even though it is not the largest television sold on the market today. These panels are said to have the brightest and most amazing picture you’ve ever seen.

Operating System and Special Features

The new Apple TV will be integrated with other devices that use the iOS operating system but it is unknown at this time if the TV will have its own version of this system. However, it will have the Siri style voice controls, which is thought to be better than what is used in the iPhone 4S. Apple knows that not every consumer will be ready to take advantage of the voice control option. For this reason, you can also use an iOS device as a remote.

The new Apple TV will have facial recognition software. This software will include the power-saving sleep mode, which puts the TV to sleep when there is no activity in the room. This is a great energy saving feature that can be very beneficial especially if you have kids that leave the room to go play and forget to turn the set off before they go.

When someone walks back into the room with the TV and the facial recognition recognizes them, it will wake up and turn back on. It will also have an iOS app that determines which person the TV will give control to when there are two people in the room recognized by the facial software.

Apple is one of the leading companies when it comes to electronic devices with the iPad and iPhones being two of their best designs. With this type of track record, it’s should be safe to say that the new Apple TV will be a big seller, too.

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iPad 3 Expected Release Date and Features

iPad 3Are you excited about the iPad 3? You are not alone as many Apple fans are anxious for the release of the new iPad and are looking forward to any and all news about the upcoming release, the features it will have and what to expect from this new model. 

At this time, there is no official release date to report. However, it is rumored that the iPad 3 will release during the first week of March 2012. If this rumor is true, the wait will soon be over and Apple fans will have the newest addition to the iPad collection at their fingertips. In the meantime, here are a few things you can expect from the iPad 3 when it is released to the public.

What to Expect from the iPad 3

You probably know the iPad 3 is in high demand but do you know what to expect from it? For starters, you know you can expect the same great technology that current versions already offer. You can also expect some new features that will make this model the best one yet.

It would also be safe to say that you can expect the iPad 3 to be lighter and thinner with a sleek design. Rumor has it that this version of the iPad will be about 20 percent lighter due to the new battery design, which is expected to last longer and come with a higher price tag.

The iPad 3 is expected to have wireless charging technology that allows you to transfer data and even charge the battery. If all of these expectations are delivered, there will be a lot of very happy Apple fans rushing out to buy one when this device does hit the market.

Features You Can Expect to See

The iPad 3 will have a lot of the updated features that Apple fans have been asking for including the Retina Display. Currently, only the iPhone 4 and 4s have Retina Displays. The iPad 3 is expected to have a 2048 x 1536 pixels screen, which is very impressive for the tablet family. This is basically an HD display that shows clearer text and pictures due to the increased pixels.

The iPad 3 will be as powerful as a good quality desktop with all of the new technology it will feature. It’s expected to have A6 quad-core processors, iOS 5 technology and Cloud services. All of this will make the tablet irresistibly powerful. There will also be multitasking technology so that you may work on as many projects or games at once as you want.

The camera will have an LED flash and up to 1080p video recording at 60 FPS. This is a big upgrade from the current camera in the iPad 2. The screen is even supposed to have fingerprint proof coating, which would really be awesome.

To sum it all up, the iPad 3 will be lighter, faster, more powerful and carry new features that will make Apple fans everywhere stand in long lines to get their hands on one.


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Will the New iPad 3 Have 4G Connectivity?

The new Apple iPad 3 has many consumers who are anxiously awaiting its arrival, watching the news waiting to learn more about the device. Consumers want to know what features it will have, when it will go on sale and any other information they can find. Fans are dying for any piece of news or update about the new iPad 3.

Recently, new information surfaced as The Wall Street Journal reported, “Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc. will sell a version of the coming iPad that runs on their newest fourth-generation wireless networks, according to people familiar with the matter”. They went on to say “Apple Inc. appears to be planning to announce the latest version of its tablet computer in the first week of March, according to another person briefed on the matter.”

This is exciting news for consumers who can’t wait to get their hands on this device. They’re wait may soon be over and on top of that, you may be able to get 4G connectivity if you use either Verizon Wireless or AT&T service. That’s great news! Now the question is will other services like Sprint and T Mobile carry the device, too? That’s something we’ll have to wait to find out.

Added Features the iPad 3 May Have

There are a few more rumors going around about the device, too. For example, the new iPad may be equipped with a quad-core chip and a high-resolution Retina Display. These improvements, if rumors are true, can turn this already anticipated device into one of the hottest items to hit the market in 2012.

According to PCWorld.com, since the iPad 2 went on sale in March of 2011, Apple has sold more than 43 million devices. That’s an amazing number of iPads! If the next version has all of the added features it’s expected to have, there is a good chance Apple will exceed that number in 2012.

What Took Apple So Long?

Now, if you’re like a lot of people you may be wondering, what took Apple so long to add the 4G technology to their system if this information is true? After all, Android rivals have already used this technology in their devices. What were they waiting on? It’s believed it has a lot to do with the battery life of the device. Apparently, having 4G requires so much more energy to run that it cuts back on the battery life dramatically.

If that’s the case, then you have to wonder if Apple found a way to solve this problem. If not, what kind of battery life will consumers get with the new iPad? One of the great things about this device is the ability to take it with you and use it anywhere, even in areas where there is no access to a power source.

Having this mobility and convenience is one of the main things that made this devices so popular in the first place. The Apple iPad can normally run up to 10 hours on battery power before you have to recharge. If making the leap to 4G is going to cut down on the life of the battery, is this something consumers are going to be happy with? Would you be happy with less battery life if it means having 4G technology?

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The child's version of the iPad 3 should have lockout features so kids can't delete apps and other features that are needed.
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