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Wednesday March 4th 2015

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Rim Playbook Tablet

BlackBerry: ‘We staan open voor een nieuwe tablet’ – TabletGuide

BlackBerry: 'We staan open voor een nieuwe tablet'TabletGuideBlackBerry, of Research In Motion (RIM) zoals het bedrijf destijds heette, lanceerde in 2011 zijn eerste tablet: de PlayBook. Vanuit commercieel perspectief was deze tablet een flop. Retailers kochten op grote schaal deze tablet in, consumenten liepen …and more »
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Knee-jerk Notes: Adreian Payne – Canis Hoopus

Knee-jerk Notes: Adreian PayneCanis HoopusHaving been here no longer than a month, he's hardly had time to become fully acquainted with teammates, let alone the playbook. What did … Knowing this, Payne puts the ball on the deck and heads to the rim and almost posterizes Glen Davis. He missed …
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BlackBerry CEO: I’m open to creating a tablet again – CNET

CNETBlackBerry CEO: I'm open to creating a tablet againCNETA BlackBerry tablet could satisfy the needs of a small but fiercely loyal group of productivity-focused customers who have stuck with the struggling smartphone maker and its operating system, potentially giving it a new revenue stream. But there aren't …and more »
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Nina Pham: A Case Study in Media Manipulation – D Magazine

Nina Pham: A Case Study in Media ManipulationD MagazineBecause Aldous has pretty much posterized Texas Health, and right now she's hanging on the rim, looking down at Texas Health, enjoying the afterglow of her monster dunk. If I'm reading her playbook correctly — and I'd like to think I am — here's how …and more »
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Grizzlies Offense: Missing in Action – 3 Shades of Blue

Grizzlies Offense: Missing in Action3 Shades of BlueGreen's absolutely been active attacking the rim and taking advantage of defenders who double Marc and Zach to score in a way TA simply can't, but the truth is with him in the starting lineup we no longer cause the kind of chaos that TA's constant …and more »
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The Xiaomi Mi Note is the best phone you can’t have – The Verge

The VergeThe Xiaomi Mi Note is the best phone you can't haveThe VergeThat's driven partly by its unapologetic Apple mimicry: its marketing, product strategy, and design aesthetic all borrow elements from Cupertino's playbook. It's also driven partly by the high-profile hiring of former Android boss Hugo Barra from Google.and more »
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BlackBerry PlayBook 2nd generation rumors resurface – Product Reviews

Product ReviewsBlackBerry PlayBook 2nd generation rumors resurfaceProduct ReviewsThe BlackBerry PlayBook was released back in April 2011 and early reviews for RIM's tablet were mixed, and so it was the negative points that some people focused on the most. However, it was assumed Research In Motion would stick with the device and …and more »
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BlackBerry PlayBook Might Not Be Dead After All – Tablet PC Review

BlackBerry PlayBook Might Not Be Dead After AllTablet PC ReviewBlackBerry PlayBook The first and only BlackBerry tablet debuted back in 2011, and sales were not up to expectations, which almost certainly explains why the company never introduced a follow up. Given that it's been nearly three years, and BlackBerry …
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BlackBerry is toying with making another PlayBook tablet – TechRadar UK

BlackBerry is toying with making another PlayBook tabletTechRadar UKJudging from the way consumers largely turned their backs on the first PlayBook, BlackBerry's lackadaisical attitude toward the tablet market is probably a smart move, especially considering how many heavyweight names have already thrown their hats …and more »
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A new RIM PlayBook tablet? RIM hasn’t ruled it out – Globe and Mail

A new RIM PlayBook tablet? RIM hasn't ruled it outGlobe and MailAn April Fools' Day joke Monday sparked conversation about the potential for another BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to arrive this year. Images purported to be a “road map” for the new tablet were posted on Twitter before the anonymous user revealed it was …and more »
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BlackBerry PlayBook

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BlackBerry Playbook Review

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BlackBerry PlayBook Review

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BlackBerry Playbook 101 | CrackBerry.com

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BlackBerry PlayBook preview — Engadget

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Rim’s cuts at PlayBook factory point to huge inventory backlog

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Review: BlackBerry PlayBook strong, well-priced

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RIM Ships BlackBerry OS 7.1, Intros PlayBook OS 2.0

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BlackBerry boss talks NFC, Android, Apple and PlayBook – Pocket-lint

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RIM PlayBook Wins ‘Need for Speed’ Amid Drive for Consumers – Bloomberg

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