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Sunday April 26th 2015

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Rim Playbook Tablet

BlackBerry In Consultation Period To Close Swedish Operations [Updated] – TechCrunch

TechCrunchBlackBerry In Consultation Period To Close Swedish Operations [Updated]TechCrunchAs BlackBerry noted at the time, it bought TAT in part to work on the UI for its ultimately ill-fated PlayBook tablet, but also to lend design expertise to other touchscreen products developed by BlackBerry, specifically smartphones and connected car …and more »
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NBA Playoffs Playbook: How the Spurs got a huge bucket in overtime with a – Hardwood Paroxysm

Hardwood ParoxysmNBA Playoffs Playbook: How the Spurs got a huge bucket in overtime with a …Hardwood ParoxysmNotice also how when walking Barnes up the lane, Leonard makes sure that Barnes is on the high side before cutting to the rim. Here, Leonard is taking advantage of what Barnes is expecting to happen. Normally, when cutting up from the baseline, the …and more »
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Senate Panel Backs Trade Bill as Pelosi Supports New Version – Bloomberg

BloombergSenate Panel Backs Trade Bill as Pelosi Supports New VersionBloombergThe measure could boost chances Obama can complete a regional deal with 12 Pacific-rim nations. The bill still faces strong opposition among Democrats. The Senate action came as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, said she …Deal on Trade Pact Gives Obama Authority but Builds In a DelayNew York Timesall 1,587 news articles »
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BlackBerry Classic review: The keyboard is the key to this phone – ZDNet

ZDNetBlackBerry Classic review: The keyboard is the key to this phoneZDNetWhile some handsets seek to stand out by having an unusual screen or a fancy camera, the BlackBerry Classic is unashamedly all about the keyboard. It's no accident that BlackBerry's own spec sheet highlights the physical Qwerty keyboard, which takes up …and more »
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​BlackBerry turns Q4 profit, but revenue continues to crater – ZDNet

​BlackBerry turns Q4 profit, but revenue continues to craterZDNetAnnounced in 2010 but reaching these shores in 2011 was perhaps RIM's most radical departure yet: the PlayBook. The tablet, an attempt to capitalise on the wave of slate love initiated by Apple, has a seven-inch display, is 1cm thick and has both front …and more »
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BlackBerry’s new tablet: A secure slate for business with a bit of help from – ZDNet

ZDNetBlackBerry's new tablet: A secure slate for business with a bit of help from …ZDNetThe SecuTablet isn't BlackBerry's first attempt at selling tablets: its first slate, the BlackBerry Playbook, failed to make a breakthough when it went on sale back in 2011 (see below for a gallery of BlackBerry devices through the ages – from the …BlackBerry returns to tablet arena with security-focused slateDigital TrendsBlackBerry Back in the Tablet MarketTablet PC ReviewBlackBerry takes another shot at a tablet — sort ofCNETGizbot -Good E-Reader (blog)all 362 news articles »
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BlackBerry CEO: I’m open to creating a tablet again – CNET

CNETBlackBerry CEO: I'm open to creating a tablet againCNETA BlackBerry tablet could satisfy the needs of a small but fiercely loyal group of productivity-focused customers who have stuck with the struggling smartphone maker and its operating system, potentially giving it a new revenue stream. But there aren't …BlackBerry is open to making another tablet, so long as it's 'iconic'Digital Trendsall 680 news articles »
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BlackBerry PlayBook 2nd generation rumors resurface – Product Reviews

Product ReviewsBlackBerry PlayBook 2nd generation rumors resurfaceProduct ReviewsThe BlackBerry PlayBook was released back in April 2011 and early reviews for RIM's tablet were mixed, and so it was the negative points that some people focused on the most. However, it was assumed Research In Motion would stick with the device and …and more »
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Ever gluttons for punishment, BlackBerry mulls PlayBook sequel – BGR

Ever gluttons for punishment, BlackBerry mulls PlayBook sequelBGRIn an interview with Pocket-Lint, BlackBerry vice-president of global product management Francois Mahieu said that the company is still interested in tackling the tablet market although it has no plans to do so for at least the next year. Given …and more »
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Blackberry PlayBook Is as Good as Dead – Mashable

Wall Street Journal (blog)Blackberry PlayBook Is as Good as DeadMashablePoor BlackBerry PlayBook. I'm not sure it ever had a chance. From the botched launch to the distracting corporate struggles and shuffles to its ultimate demise, BlackBerry's 7-inch tablet has been a vexed product. Today, BlackBerry (the company …BlackBerry CEO axes planned BB10 for PlayBook tabletCNETIt's the End for BlackBerry's Playbook TabletWall Street Journal (blog)Blackberry Playbook tablet denied Blackberry 10 OS update, CEO thinks it's not …VR-ZoneInquirer -Mobile Burnall 507 news articles »
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iPad 3 Textbook Apps for College Students - Summary

If Apple has succeeded in making it possible to access textbooks using the iBooks Apps, this will change the textbook industry forever. If Apple makes iPad 3 textbook apps available for students and it truly gives them the flexibility they need, it will most likely be the best decision Apple has made in a long time.
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