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Friday January 17th 2020

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  • The New iPad 3 Review

    The Motorola Xoom tablet is a 10.1″ tablet running the Android 3.0 OS from Google. Being the worlds first Android 3.0 tablet is important because 3.0 is the the first version designed for a tablet. The Xoom features both front and rear cameras, and a dual core Intel processor. It’s shipping date is Feb 24, […]

  • Tablet Portability Confers Benefits
  • What Is An iPad Computer?
  • Save Money and Do an iPad Trade In

    If you have an old iPad just lying around, consider doing a trade-in to get rid of it and get some money back for yourself.

  • Apple iPad 3 Rumors

    Learn about some of the biggest rumors behind the Apple iPad 3 as we await the release to find out if the rumors are true.

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The New iPad 3 Review - Summary

Officially, the new iPad is called "iPad" and referred to as the "3rd generation" model, but many people are still calling it the iPad 3. So will you be purchasing the new iPad or are you going to opt for an iPad 2 now that the price has come down with the release of the new iPad?
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